DVD Replication

Generally, replication is for quantities over 1000 and duplication is for anything else.

Yoost Media offers a full range of DVD replication and duplication services complete with printing, packaging and fulfillment. The information below will answer some basic questions about DVDs. If you have a project you'd like created on DVD, contact us today!
Yoost Media DVD Replication
The biggest difference between a CD and a DVD is data capacity. The discs are the same in size (120mm), shape, and appearance. However, the DVD can hold significantly greater amounts of information, which makes it the ideal format for high-quality digital video and audio.

The DVD-ROM is an incredible delivery format for software and multimedia presentations. Because DVD-ROMs have so much more space than CD-ROMs, software developers can include high-quality video tutorials with their software packages, and multimedia developers can increase the quality and duration of animations, music, and video that are included in their presentations.

For more information on our cost-effective DVD replication or duplication services, please feel free to contact us or request a quote on one of your DVD projects.

Comparison of DVD Types

DVD Type
Data Capacity
Playback Minutes
(Standard Definition)
DVD 5 1 1 4.7 GB 133 Playback Minutes
DVD 9 1 2 8.5 GB 241 Playback Minutes
DVD-ROM 1 2 8.5 GB 241 Playback Minutes
DVD 10 2 2 9.4 GB 266 Playback Minutes
DVD 18 2 2 17 GB 482 Playback Minutes
Blu-ray Disc 1 1 or 2 25 GB or 50 GB 708 Playback Minutes or 1,417 Playback Minutes