Yoost Media Privacy Policy

At Yoost Media, protecting your privacy is valued as much as your business. The following information details how we collect information and use it as well as how we protect the personal information of our customers and web site visitors.

What information does Yoost Media collect?
Yoost Media does log information needed to analyze traffic on its web sites. We collect information such as IP Addresses to help us determine how many pages our visitors browse and how long they spend on our site. We do not use IP Addresses to determine any specific personal information about our web site visitors. We do not sell the IP Addresses of our visitors.

Unlike the majority of other web sites on the internet. Yoost Media does not utilize "Cookies" to collect information about its web site visitors. We do not load Cookies on your machine. However, we also have no control over the means of data collection utilized by other web sites which link to our web site. Consequently, other web sites which are not created or maintained by Yoost Media might collect your personal information while linking you to our web site. To better protect yourself from such practices, we encourage you to review the privacy policies of the web sites which you visit.

We do collect information which our visitors manually submit to us in the context of web forms. We use that information to process requests, receive comments and questions, find potential vendors, contractors, or newsletter subscribers. This information is submitted to us by the visitors of our web sites and is not harvested from logs or Cookies.

How does Yoost Media use the information it collects?
Yoost Media does not sell, lease, rent or otherwise distribute the personal information it collects to any third parties. The information is only utilized internally to serve our customers and improve our products/services.

How do I cancel my newsletter subscription?
If you sign up for our newsletter, you may opt out at any time. A link to the unsubscribe form is included in every newsletter. After you submit your request, the process is handled automatically, and you should not receive any further newsletters from us so long as you do not sign up for them again.

How can Yoost Media help protect my privacy?
If you, at any time, feel like your privacy has been compromised without your permission or knowledge, please email us at privacy@mediafast.biz immediately so that we may help you resolve any concerns or fix any problems that you encounter. We will do everything we can to help.