Proofing Artwork

Yoost Media provides free digital artwork proofs via email. However, digital proofs are not always a true indicator of color. PDF proofs should be checked carefully for image placement, text errors, etc. Match prints (IRIS or Digital Prints) and also check discs can be provided at an additional cost. It should be noted, however, that the shipping and delivery of check discs and match prints may delay project turn times.

Review Your Proofs Thoroughly
After a proof is provided to you by a Yoost Media representative, it is your responsibility as the end customer to review and approve the proof. This is your last chance to detect problems before your project goes to press, so we encourage you to make the most of it! Once we have your approval on the artwork, we begin the printing process. Changes made to the artwork after this point will be provided at an additional cost and any printed materials completed up to the change will be billed. Discuss any such changes with your Yoost Media representative early on to minimize these costs.